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Soft Busbar

Soft Busbar

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 Sichuan D&F Electric Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan D&F Group (Register capital: 50 million RMB), with a registered capital of 4.6 million RMB, located in Luojiang District, Deyang, Sichuan. D&F Electric is committed to the R&D, production and sales of a variety of laminated busbars, copper busbar expansion joints (flexible connection), soft busbars. All these parts are based on the material of copper or aluminium. Our mission is to supply the full solution for all types of power distribution systems.


1. Soft Busbars

The soft busbar is also called laminated Insulation soft busbar. It is made of several layers of highly flexible sheet copper bars and coated with flame-retardant high flexible PVC insulation layers.



2. Technical Data of Soft Busbar


3. Products Characteristics 

a)  Small cross-section: Due to the use of multilayer copper bars, this soft connection can pass through a larger current.

b)  Convenient and quick: it can be installed manually easily without special auxiliary equipment.

c)  Reduce the overall dimension: the coating insulation layer has good insulation performance, can reduce the distance between different polar soft connectors and the distance between soft connections and the ground, and there is no limitation of bending, it can play an additional insulation safety role, and simplify the structure, make the connection more compact and the connecting line shorter, obtain better appearance effect

d)  High insulation strength, flame retardant insulation material , low temperature rise compared with cable and insulation bus connection mode.

e)  High softness, can be bent manually to save space, bending radius is smaller than the same area of cable. 

4.  Applications

a)  Electrical connection and wiring of distribution cabinet.


b)  Power connection between preformed conductor and transformer and distribution cabinet.

c)  Soft connection, connection under vibration condition and connection under thermal expansion condition.

d)  Power supply for electroplating bath.


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