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Laminated busbars

Laminated busbars

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    Sichuan D&F Electric Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan D&F Group (Register capital: 50 million RMB), with a registered capital of 4.6 million RMB, located in Luojiang District, Deyang, Sichuan. D&F Electric is committed to the R&D, production and sales of a variety of laminated busbars, copper busbar expansion joints (flexible connection), soft busbars. All these parts are based on the material of copper or aluminium. Our mission is to supply the full solution for all types of power distribution systems.


1) Laminated Busbars

    Laminated busbar, also called composite busbar, laminated insensitive busbar, laminated busbar, sandwich busbar, low inductance busbar, electronic busbar, laminated busbar, etc. Exactly it is a kind of connecting circuit with multilayer composite structure composed of multilayered conductive material and insulating material. Compared with the traditional heavy and messy wiring mode, it has the characteristics of low impedance, anti-interference, good reliability, saving space and quick assembly. Widely used in rail transit, wind and solar inverters, industrial inverters, large UPS systems or other components that require power distribution.

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2) Product features

1) Low inductance coefficient, compact structure, effectively save the internal installation space, increase the heat dissipation area, and effectively control  the  temperature rise of the system.

2) The minimum impedance reduces the line loss and greatly improves the high current carrying capacity of the circuit.

3) It can reduce the damage to components caused by voltage commutation and prolong the service life of electronic components.

4) Reduce system noise and EMI, RF interference.

5) High power modular connection structure components with simple and fast assembly.

3) Technical Data of Laminated bus bars


4) Applications

A.   Power electronics.

I . Industrial frequency converter.

II. New energy field [wind energy, solar energy, thermal power inverter (converter)]. 

III. UPS system, high density distribution box.

IV.Base station, telephone exchange system, large network equipment, etc.



    B.  Trsnaportation 


 C.   Military field


D.   Aerospace



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