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The civilian produc

The civilian products

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The main material is SMC or GFRP. The civilian products are molded under high temperature and high pressure,with special moulds.

Compared with the common civilian products, the SMC/GFRP civilian products have the following unique advantages:

1. Corrosion and Acid alkaline resistant, not rusty.

2. Earthquake-resistant, ductile, not cracking, with high strength.

3. Anti-aging, UV resistant, working life is over 40 years.

4. With good flame resistance.

5. Not absorbing water and moisture.

6. With elegant appearance and color diversity.

7. With light weight, easy transportation and easy installation.

Products display

格栅 .png



Water/electric/gas metering


SMC mould for road edge stone


Stadium seatings

psb (3).jpg

GFRP decorative ceiling


Civilian external tiles/bricks


Civilian roof tiles


The panel for civilian welding machine

民用焊机护罩 (2).png

The shields for civilian welding machine

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