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Development Strategies

Development Strategies

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Looking back over the course of development, we have been sincerely cooperating with all our customers and partners, devoting ourselves to the development of insulating material industry and making great contribution to the development of Chinas power transformation & transmission..

With the fast development of UHV state Grid, the popularity of high-speed trains and the promotion & application of clean energy, D&F is achieving a leap frog development in the next few years. It will be an important strategic opportunities. Particularly with the full completion of D&Fs Phase III Projects, it is to bring the sustainable development and attain major changes in D&Fs production and management.

First, the production capacity within three years will be greatly increased, from the current 5,000 tons to 20,000 tons.

Second, the product category is enriching constantly and the production capacity is improving greatly. It will lead D&F to the depth domain breakthrough while increasing the horizontal field development. Through a few years of development, we have been developing the product categories from a single insulating material (for high and low voltage switch gears) to the diverse insulating material series (for high voltage inverter, SVC, wind power, flexible HVDC, rail transit,etc.), from single machining of SMC molded products to the structure design of SMC and DMC products, manufacturing and machining of SMC & DMC material, design and production of mould, manufacturing and processing of laminated products. Currently the products categories cover the insulating material, construction material and civilian SMC products,etc.

Third, increasing the product R&D effort, maximize the resource efficiency in the most economical investment, constantly improve and perfect the capabilities of products R&D and technology innovation.

After 5 years of hard work, we strive to strengthen the internal management and process optimization, establish user-oriented platform of R&D, marketing and manufacturing, efficiently integrate the resources of upstream and downstream ,to form a complete industries chain. Our enterprise target is to make the D&F become the most timely supplier for insulation parts or components in the world, with diverse categories and full specification .


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