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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture

 Corporate Objectives

Building enterprise image in quality        

Expanding corporate prospect with innovation

◆ Management Philosophy

Responsible to society, customer and staff.

Efficient:to strengthen education & training, to keep learning, to cultivate the inter-disciplinary talent and to improve management level and efficiency.

Quality: To establish dynamic quality management concept and the comprehensive quanlity management idea, to set up target management.

Humanization: To take responsibility for exploring the staff’s potential fully, to set up staff’s career planning, to respect staff, giving the material incentives and spiritual incentives, provide growth and development opportunities to staff, to focus on the win-win development strategy of enterprises and individuals.

◆ Corporate Spirit

Struggling for success: dare to challenge all kinds of difficulties encountered on the way forward, continuously 

Dedication & commitment: to respect our own posts and love our own job. Loyal to our duties and work hard to do our own work well. To be proud of our own work.

Pull together during trouble:  whatever happened, we shallstand together to overcome the difficulties.

Work together to create brilliant: to gather the employee’s wisdom and strength s to create brilliant enterprise.

Corporate Target

Building beautiful environment. 


Cultivating excellent staff.

Manufacturing quality products. 


Providing satisfactory service.


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